We Asked Seven Travel Bloggers How "They Do" the LA Travel & Adventure Show
Their articles are rich with advice, and each has a different spin. We hope you'll have fun reading but most importantly--help you plan your time at the expo. Enjoy and follow these bloggers long after the show is over.

Jennifer Miner

It’s almost 2013, and that means only one thing: The Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is coming to town! (Well, a new year means more than just that, but just roll with it for now.) The expo will be January 12-13, 2013 at the Long Beach Convention Center. I’m excited to do a whole bunch of activities there; looking over the schedule for the 8th annual Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, the fun array of activities is sure to have a few things for every travel-loving attendee. Continue Reading

Buck Inspire

With the LA Travel and Adventure Show coming around the corner I needed to prepare myself. Having gone last year I know it’s an all weekend extravaganza of travel. Last year we attacked the show pretty efficiently, but this year I want to do one better. Here are my tips for having a great show. Continue Reading

Lisa Keating
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Make the most of your visit with these tips!

  • Define your goal
  • Set your schedule
  • Map your strategy
  • Take a break
  • Allow extra time to wander
  • Have FUN!

Define your goal. Whether you’re planning to attend with your family, friends, spouse or even alone, you’ll get the most out of the show if you spend a little time in advance thinking about your motivations for attending the show. If you’re looking for inspiration for your dream vacation or really want to discover. Continue Reading

Greg Gross from I'm Black and I Travel (IBIT)


Plan ahead. This show is enormous. To just wander through it at random can be enjoyable, but you’ll get a lot more out of it if you have a plan that focuses on your top travel interests first and leaves time free to be spontaneous and enjoy the rest. Continue Reading

Tom Holmberg of Tom’s Foodie Blog

Tom Holmberg tips for an enjoyable and productive trip to the L.A. Travel and Adventure Show. First decide what type of experience you want to have at the L.A. Travel and Adventure Show: a)Regimented Travelers /Planners b) Foodies c) Laissez-Faire- “doing what you want without structure” crowd. Continue Reading

Kevin Wilkerson of Sightseeing Sam

It’s time to start the adventure.

And throw in a little travel.

The 8th annual Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show returns to the Long Beach Convention Center on Jan 12-13, and the 2013 show features nearly 350 exhibitors, speakers, demonstrations, entertainment and even a wine tasting (
click here for details on that new addition). Continue Reading

Lindsay Taub and Lanee Neil of Voyage Vixens'
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Tips for making the most out of your time at the LA Travel & Adventure Show

1. Bring three times the amount of business cards you think you'll need.

2. Come equipped with an organizer - a folder or notebook of some sort that you can file cards, USBs and any pamphlets you pick up so it’s not a big mess when you get home.
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The Official Contiki Blog

Tips for Navigating the 2013 LA Travel & Adventure Show!
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