Find interesting exhibitors and make the most out of your Travel & Adventure Show experience with the Showplanner App and online floorplan! Search exhibitors on a 3D floorplan of the show to view their profiles, contact them or add them into your personal show plan.

View the online floorplan      (To view a text version of the exhibitor list, click here)

Using Showplanner

  • Showplanner requires the Unity player to display 3D content. If Unity is not already installed on your computer, click here and follow the on-screen instructions to install

  • Create a user account by clicking Sign Up, filling in your details and then clicking Create. Click on the link sent to you by email to activate your account

  • Log in by clicking Login and then entering the email address and password you gave when creating your account

  • If you forget your password, click Login and then Forgot Password and Showplanner will email you with a new password

  • Scroll within the 3D floorplan to find exhibitors, or use the search function to find them based on company name or product category. It is possible to add all exhibitors in a search result to your personal show plan by clicking on the plus sign beneath the search results

  • Click on a stand to view an exhibitor’s profile and see their location on the floorplan, or double click to add them into your personal plan

  • From an exhibitor’s profile, you can check their location in the floorplan, visit their website, make a contact request or add them to your plan by clicking on the plus sign

  • Click on the number in the lower left corner of Showplanner to view your personal show plan. The plan can be saved, emailed to a contact, printed or downloaded as a pdf

  • Please note, your personal show plan is not automatically saved - you must save your plan to access it next time you log in to Showplanner

Downloading and using the Showplanner app

  • Download and install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android
  • Log in by selecting Login and entering your Showplanner login details or create your account by tapping Sign Up and entering your details or signing in with your Facebook account.
  • Tap Change Show and select Travel & Adventure Show
  • Search exhibitors by tapping in the search bar and typing the name or category of exhibitor you are searching for, or scroll around the 3D Floorplan and view exhibitor overviews by tapping on their stands or on their name in the search results. To see an exhibitor’s full profile, touch and hold the overview and slide it upwards and the profile will open up.
  • From an exhibitor’s profile you can add them into your personal plan by tapping the star next to their name, visit their website by tapping Website, request contact by tapping
  • Message or check in with them by tapping Check in and using your device to scan the QR code at their stand
  • To check in, you can also tap My Plan from the menu and then select the Check-in button to scan an exhibitor’s QR code
  • Tap My Plan to see which exhibitors are on your plan. You can also see which exhibitors you have already checked in with from here.