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It’s Easier to Say G’day than Gutentag!

El Segundo, California – As American travelers are turning their collective backs on Europe-
frightened off by a miserable exchange rate, skyrocketing hotel prices and that less-than-friendly attitude towards Americans - Australia is poised to take on Europe- mano a mano- as the logical vacation destination for value in terms of both price and experience.

Travelscene, an online travel company specializing in vacations to the South Pacific, has teamed with Tourism Australia to create a “Do the Math” online widget which allows visitors to compare the cost in Australia vs. Europe for a variety of items- from a glass of beer to a 5 star hotel room. The results are telling. Beer in Australia is less than half the price than in the UK; two nights at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney is over $1000 less than 2 nights at the Four Seasons London.

The widget can be found on the Travelscene website (www.travelscene.com).

Besides the comparisons based on just the costs, Travelscene is also offering a tongue-in-cheek Top 10 List for travelers on why to they should choose Australia over Europe. The list includes takes on the friendliness of the locals, the language barriers and the overall ease of experience.

Travelscene’s Top Ten Reasons Why to Visit to Visit the South Pacific instead of Europe:
1. Your dollar won’t shrink to 50 cents as you fly over the Pacific.
2. Lunch or a cappuccino? In Australia, you don’t have to choose.
3. No need to wear a Canadian flag on your bag. Aussies like Yanks. Always have.
4. You can’t bungee jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
5. You can afford to get your mother-in-law her own room.
6. The beaches are better Downunder. And Aussie men wear their thongs on their feet.
7. Aussies speak English (sort of).
8. Let’s be honest, an $80 pair of Uggs will always be more comfortable than a $600 pair of French stilettos.
9. Your waiter will understand your order, not roll his eyes if you ask a question.
10. Travelscene offers heaps of vacations to Australia and the South Pacific for under $2000.

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