Are You Capturing MINDSHARE?

This month’s newsletter is all about engaging consumers and attracting them to your booth to instill your unique brand narrative.

One of the most important things a trade show like the Travel & Adventure Show can do is allow exhibitors the ability to lift their brand in the mind of the consumer.

We call this capturing MINDSHARE.

Mindshare relates generally to the development of consumer awareness or popularity, and is one of the main objectives of advertising and promotion. When people think of examples of a product type or category, they usually think of a limited number of brand names. And if there is one thing we all understand, it is that Brands are positioned in a person’s mind.


Thousands of qualified attendees flock to each Travel & Adventure Show in search of one thing: the perfect vacation. Although they may have one in mind, you, along with exhibitors from other states, countries and continents, compete for the opportunity to persuade them to visit your destination or utilize your tour services. In this month’s edition of Exhibitor Success, we give you the tips you’ll need to wow your audience, draw a crowd and ensure that your exhibiting experience is a success!

Booth Design

Your booth’s appearance is the first aspect that potential customers will look at when walking the show floor. Be sure to design your booth with bright colors, clean, crisp pictures of vacationers enjoying your product or even using video to attract show goers. Make your booth more inviting with open space and even a place to sit while discussing your product. The more appealing your booth is, the more likely you get attendees to stop.

Also, make sure attendees can “immediately” understand what you are marketing through your booth design and signage.

Draw a Crowd

Once your well lit, bright colored, inviting booth is set up and the show begins, it’s time to start getting attendees to your booth. Drawing a crowd to your booth is one way to make your booth stand out to other attendees as they wander the show floor. It’s human nature for people to “want to be where the action is.”

Prize drawings and contests, promotional items and even a hands on display of your product are all great ways to build volume around your booth and attract more than just the occasional wanderer. But also, don’t forget that a smile and good eye contact goes a long way in attracting people from the aisle to your booth!

Engage Visitors

One of the most important aspects to making sure your booth stands out among the rest is engaging your visitors. Since your booth visitors are the ones who are buying your product, it is essential to keep them informed and interested.

Be sure to have plenty of sales literature on your tabletop. The number one goal is for a face to face interaction, but since most attendees will be visiting one booth, it is important to give them something to take with them to remind them why your destination should be their vacation choice.

Make sure that your booth is manned by a knowledgeable staff members at all times. 84% of show attendees state that their #1 reason for attending the Travel & Adventure Show is to meet with destination experts. If an attendee shows up with questions that your booth staff can’t answer, the likelihood of them booking their trip with you become slim.

Last but certainly not least, make sure your staff is presenting itself in the right manner. Staff should be standing at all times and shouldn’t be on their cell phones or laptops unless they’re going through something with a visitor. Eating should also be done at the Exhibitor Lounge which is located at every show in the Show Office. Enforce a dress code for staff members. From matching shirts with your company logo to simply the same colored clothing, presentation is vital to looking professional.

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Social Media Success Series: Timing is Everything

Well look at you. You have all your social media accounts linked up from Part 1 (Social Media Success Series: It’s all about Connection) of this series and a calendar ready to be filled with beautiful content from Part 2 (Social Media Success Series: Organizing the Chaos). So let’s fill that sucker. To begin the ongoing content discussion, we’ll start with timing – how often and when you should post.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer for timing. Some professionals will tell you to post once a day as to not annoy your audience and some say to post all the time to garner interaction. Some will say to post when everyone’s online, others will say to post different times when there’s less competition for the newsfeeds from other social media accounts. None of these are necessarily incorrect, but there’s simply a gray area as to which is the better avenue.

The most important thing to learn about timing is testing and measurement. Play around with the timing of your content posts to see when you garner the most interaction. Perhaps you’ll learn that you should just have one engaging post per week, or a few each day. Maybe you learn that you can tweet all day long, but limit the Facebook posts.

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