Travel brings out the Humanity in us. As a travel/tourism marketer, the best way to create a more human product in the eyes of customers is to reveal your own humanity. And these days, it’s never been easier since most of your customers moved en masse to social media platforms.

In the last few newsletters I’ve made a case for engaging your customers by being authentic and present on the web, face to face at shows and by sharing your brand narrative. In this newsletter, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to actually be a social marketer.

First, do your research:

Start the way you would begin any strategic project
1. Study the data
2. Talk to your audience
3. Check out the competition
4. Truly tune in to your own purpose.


Ever feel like when you post on social media outlets it’s like yelling in a deserted land? We know the feeling. So, instead, we’d like to help you feel like your social media is the life of the party – not the wallflower no one wants to talk to. Step away from the wall and enter center stage because in this episode of Social Media Success Series, we’re going to touch on four major ways to encourage engagement on social media with your audience; Asking questions, User-generated content, Responding/conversations and Contests.


On Their Decision to Participate in the Shows:  Destination Iceland, a group made up of Icelandair, Icelandair Hotels, Iceland Travel, Icelandic Mountain Guides and Promote Iceland, decided to participate in the Travel & Adventure Show because they are the largest travel shows in the country and the attendees we found at the show were our target market!

On The Show's Target Demo: We only participate in consumer events that reach our target market, the international adventure traveler. Attendees were in their peak earning years (ages 35-65), as well as retired, affluent travel enthusiasts who are interested in Adventure Travel. By participating in these shows, we are able to interact directly with our target clientele.


In past newsletters, the Travel & Adventure Show team has been preaching about how important it is to stay connected with your customers, as well as the importance of face to face interactions.

Although we still believe that face to face interaction is the most efficient way to communicate to your current and prospective customers, social media is an effective tool in setting up more interactions than ever before. Combined with the quality of attendees that you’ll find at each Travel & Adventure Show, social media outlets can be used to market your product before attendees even hit the show floor.


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Show News Bytes:

Patricia Schultz to headline 2014 Show Series.

Patricia Schultz
Author 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and 1,000 Places to See in the USA & Canada Before You Die

Travel & Adventure Show ranked #8 in BizBash LA Trade Show and Convention Awards.

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